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31 Quotes in 31 Days

For the month July, I gave myself a challenge to post an original quote every day for 31 days on Facebook. My reason for doing this was to develop more clarity and consistency in my journey of communicating and expand my ability to create original content. I did not have many ideas pre-planned, I just committed to allowing my ideas to flow daily.

Overall, it was a very rewarding experience. I really felt challenged to come up with the best gems I could on a daily rhythm. About half of them were musically related metaphors, and a handful ended up being a play on words. I didn’t like every single one the same, but the consistency and discipline I created for myself was the most invaluable gift I received from doing this.

Here is the complete list. Remember, to feel behind the words and the space between the notes!

  1. “Your commitment to awareness directly unlocks the synchronicity of the universe!”
  2. “The answers to your questions are always vibrating; the key is to trust the notes you are hearing.”
  3. “Your ability to respond, rather than to react, is your respond-s-ability.”
  4. “A commitment is not a restriction from FREEDOM, rather it’s a pathway directly to it!”
  5. “Sing a song to a child and you bring her happiness; teach a child to sing and you bring happiness to the world.”
  6. “Do not try to be original; for every note has been written. Do not try to be creative; for every chord has been created. Just be authentic; for no one has yet to sing your song, the way you are meant to sing it!”
  7. “When you tune to your heart, Oppor-TUNE-ities will arise!”
  8. “The Universe has never been about “good” vs “bad”; that is a construct of the mind experiencing itself as separate from others. The Universe is about what “works” and what “doesn’t work,” because working together is not only the path forward, but the only path back to the oneness that we are!”
  9. “Harmony is not about getting rid of the dissonance in your life; resistance only creates more dissonance. Harmony is about accepting ALL of the notes; thereby allowing the beauty of resonance to unfold!”
  10. “It’s as easy as A B C: Always Be Compassionate”
  11. “No matter how stuck, hurt, or defeated you may feel, just remember that within every single moment there arises an opportunity to begin again, and again, and again, and again…”
  12. “It’s not whether your affirmations are spoken as declarations or as questions; it’s that you are speaking them with consistency and confidence!”
  13. “True (inner) happiness is not a condition based on the value of your experience; rather it is equal to your ability to be aware from moment to moment regardless of your life situation.”
  14. “On stage, the secret to shifting anxiety to excitement is by becoming your audience. Feel your music as if you are hearing it for the very first time, because in fact, it IS the first time it has ever been heard in THIS moment.”
  15. “Whether I was memorizing a piano concerto or training to run a marathon, when I reached the halfway point to my goal, I knew I had already succeeded, why? Because if I can do it once; I can certainly do it again!”
  16. “Life is a symphony of many colors; there are dark parts and there are bright parts, there are quiet and loud parts, slow and fast, low and high, abrupt and smooth. The key is to embrace it ALL; for without dissonance; there is no resonance.”
  17. “Before you can tune-IN to your dreams, you must tune-OUT your distractions.”
  18. “They say in jazz, you are never more than a half-step away from a right note. Perhaps in life, the success we desire has always been right at our fingertips!”
  19. “A good leader inspires his team to reach their potential; a great leader inspires the man in the mirror to reach his.“
  20. “To ‘Let Go’ does not mean to lose something, but rather to ‘Let [self] Go’ onward to new possibilities!”
  21. “In the bigger picture, there is no luck. There was a 100% chance that someone was going to win the lottery; this time it just happened to be her. The question is, WHEN your opportunity comes, will YOU be ready?”
  22. “My best ideas never came from the crescendos of life, but rather within the stillness and spaces between the notes.”
  23. “Attachment is always depleting while commitment is ever expanding!”
  24. “When we compare our performance to others we will come up short; however when we measure our performance to ourselves, we can’t help but see the progress we make daily. Commit to being better today than you were yesterday.”
  25. “By tuning to our hearts, we bring more joy and harmony to our lives and the world!”
  26. “Your Results = Desire + Action x Enthusiasm!!!”
  27. “When playing any song on the piano, if you keep the left pedal held down for too long without releasing it, all of the notes begin to blend together and start sounding less like music and more like noise. Perhaps by regularly taking moments in our day to release the “pedal” of whatever we are holding onto, will allow our lives to flow with more clarity and beauty!”
  28. “Everything down to the smallest particle is vibrating. And vibration is sound, sound is music, so life IS music!”
  29. “Do not underestimate the power of being still; the force within us is as strong as the time we choose to give it!”
  30. “Words in a sentence are like the notes in a musical phrase; they can sound bland and watered down like the predictable pop song lacking creativity and passion, or they can be graceful and soar like a beautiful melody being played by a virtuoso pianist in a grand concert hall. Which words will you choose to sing today?”
  31. a) “All paths must end, but the journey never dies!” b) “All songs must end, but the music never dies!”

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