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Live Streaming on YouTube, Facebook and now Twitch!

Live Stream Concerts on YouTube and Facebook

I am doing weekly live stream piano concerts on YouTube and Facebook. I started doing these at the end of March last year and plan to continue as long as my schedule allows. I call my weekly show “88 Minutes of Magic” and I typically center my show around a theme and take requests. We have a lot of fun, Kim’s here helping with tech behind the scenes and Melody will often jump in to dance, sing (sometimes play piano) and share what she’s up to – such legos, slime or building her own creations with cardboard boxes. My usual schedule is to simultaneously stream on both YouTube and Facebook on Fridays at 5pm (Pacific). You can also look on my SHOWS page for my schedule and link to the specific YouTube page.


YouTube and Facebook live stream schedule


Live Streaming on Twitch

Have you heard of Twitch? It started out as primarily a site where people live stream as they play video games. Live music streaming has been steadily growing on Twitch and, of course, in the past year this has grown exponentially as musicians like me have been forced out of work and are stuck at home trying to figure out what to do. As a streamer, there is a lot to learn to understand how to use platform, so it took us a while to get started, but we’re up and running now! What is unique about Twitch is that it is really all about building a community where people genuinely interact with each other and have fun. Iโ€™m taking lots of requests, “meeting” new people, enjoying the interaction and I’m also using this opportunity to practice if I have a gig coming up. And, we can get kind of silly. Here’s a fun clip of a recent stream where Melody decided to climb on my shoulders while I played “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” If you are already familiar with Twitch, Iโ€™d love for you to join in on the fun with us. And if not, I invite you to check it out sometime! Itโ€™s free to join the platform, watch and follow channels. You can Follow my TWITCH channel here!

I’m streaming on Wednesdays 3-5pm and Sundays 12-2pm (Pacific).



Twitch Live stream

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