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CHOOSE LOVE is my 3rd original album and it covers the entire 24 years that I have been writing music. It takes the listener on a journey through my evolution as a composer and a human. The album's 17 solo piano tracks include the first song I wrote when I was 11 up through an improvised piece I came up with while recording at Sony Pictures Scoring Stage! Each composition was inspired by significant people or events in my life and as my sources of inspiration evolve, the compositions evolve with them as the album progresses. The people and stories include past girlfriends, my wife, a dear friend who passed away too young, my biggest fan who is a huge inspiration to me, an intense soul searching journey in the jungle of Peru, and my daughter! Since the music is instrumental, the CD includes a booklet where I share the back story for each of the pieces and the people who inspired me to create them. In some cases, there are even lyrics to the songs which are written out as well!

Choose Love CD

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