• sunrise from Haleakala Weinglass August 3, 2017 31 Quotes in 31 Days

    For the month July, I gave myself a challenge to post an original quote every day for 31 days on Facebook. My reason for doing this was to develop more clarity and consistency in my journey of communicating and expand my ability to create original content. I did not have many ideas pre-planned, I just […]

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  • keyboard cocktails holiday party Weinglass October 14, 2016 Holiday Party Suggestions Featuring Live Music

    The holiday season is just around the corner and this is always my busiest time of year. As a professional pianist for over 25 years, I have played at holiday parties that were a wild success and others that could have been improved with some better preparation.  A big element that people sometimes gloss over when […]

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  • Jeremy Weinglass and violinist playing wedding ceremony at Bel Air Bay Club Weinglass March 2, 2016 Tips for Perfect Wedding Music from a Professional Musician

    As a professional pianist for over 25 years and having performed at more weddings than I can count, I have come to realize that I have valuable information I can share with brides, grooms and anyone involved in the planning of a wedding. I play around 20 weddings every year and while each wedding is […]

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  • Hotel Bel Air Pianist Weinglass July 11, 2016 Pianist at Hotel Bel-Air

    Here is where you can regularly hear me play piano live in Los Angeles! Double check my show schedule here on my website to see when I am playing as I am sometimes off playing at a private event instead. Thursdays and Fridays in Bel Air 7-11pm I have a new residency as the pianist in the bar […]

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  • Pianist at Larsen's Steakhouse Restaurant Weinglass November 18, 2015 Performing Piano Live at 3 Restaurants Throughout Los Angeles!

    I am happy to announce that I am now playing piano regularly at three restaurants throughout greater Los Angeles! Select Dates (usually Thursdays or Fridays) in Beverly Hills 6-9pm Caulfield’s Bar and Dining Room is a vintage-style restaurant located on the first floor of the SIXTY Hotel in Beverly Hills. Presenting a contemporary American cuisine with tasteful European […]

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  • Weinglass July 27, 2015 “Choose Love” Won Best Song

    I am excited to announce that my latest single “Choose Love” has won its first award! “Choose Love” won Best Song in the Gospel/R&B category of the Akademia Music Awards. It feels good to have all the “heart work” that went into creating this song be recognized in this way. My hope is that this […]

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