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(2007 by Jeremy Weinglass)

Classical music was my first love. By age 10 Chopin and Debussy piano pieces were my favorites to play. Playing and listening to this music as I grew up helped establish a firm foundation for me as a performer and composer. Some of these pieces I have been playing longer than anything is my repertoire – over 20 years now! All the passion and emotion one feels through life experiences over time is put into these works. They have grown and changed over the years and, like a fine wine, are now delicacies so sweet to indulge.

Released 2007
Performed by: Jeremy Weinglass
Produced by: Jeremy Weinglass
Recording and Editing Supervision by: Doug Milledge
Location and Steinway pianos provided by: Vassil Ananiev
Executive Producer: Kim Davis
Graphic Design: Tiffany Sims/TwyggMedia

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