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(2008 by Jeremy Weinglass)

I was classically trained first, but by junior high I started expanding into the world of jazz by playing in jazz combos and bands. Playing jazz as a solo pianist, I miss the crisp beat of the drum with the high-hat, the cool walking bass, the smooth sax solo and sultry vocals. However, I do find ways to embellish these fine aspects of a band. Listen as this collection of jazz standards offers an array of opportunity to feel more happening with the music beyond the piano.

Released 2008
Performed by: Jeremy Weinglass
Produced by: Jeremy Weinglass
Recording and Editing Supervision by: Doug Milledge
Location and Steinway pianos provided by: Vassil Ananiev
Executive Producer: Kim Davis
Graphic Design: Tiffany Sims/TwyggMedia

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