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(2008 by Jeremy Weinglass)

Ah, the romantics! It seems there are so many times to remember, or so much to say to each other. Well, with this music, you don’t have to say anything. Some of the greatest love songs ever written, I am honored to play now together on one special album. From Elton John to Alicia Keys and even one of my own compositions, these songs were all written from the heart; speaking from love, speaking from truth. So light a candle, draw the bath, and set the mood for this heart stopper. You are in for a night to remember!

Released 2008
Performed by: Jeremy Weinglass
Produced by: Jeremy Weinglass
Recording and Editing Supervision by: Doug Milledge
Location and Steinway pianos provided by: Vassil Ananiev
Executive Producer: Kim Davis
Graphic Design: Tiffany Sims/TwyggMedia

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